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The Law Office of John B. Renwick is a highly respected legal practice located in Sacramento, California. As an attorney with decades of experience, John B. Renwick has a practice with an emphasis on criminal defense, criminal deportation, car accident personal injury, divorce and business law. The firm provides comprehensive representation to all clients and offers superior advocacy in negotiation as well as at trial.

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With 30 years of legal experience, clients of John B. Renwick benefit from his extensive legal knowledge and understanding of complex laws and codes. When a client brings a case to the Law Office of John B. Renwick, he or she receives a meticulous analysis of his or her legal circumstances. When integrated with state-of-the-art research techniques, the latest versions of the relevant laws are brought to bear in support of the client’s legal position. In this way the client’s case is prepared with maximum efficiency, the primary goal being dispute resolution outside of a costly court trial. However, client satisfaction is and always has been the number one priority for John B. Renwick. Therefore when settlement on terms beneficial and satisfactory to his client is not reached, Mr. Renwick stands ready to take his client’s cause to court, where he has a proven record of effectiveness.

Contact the Law Office of John B. Renwick to learn more about how you can best be helped with your important legal matter, including criminal defense, criminal deportation, personal injury and family law issues.

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Located in downtown Sacramento, California, the Law Office of John B. Renwick represents clients in communities throughout Northern California. Contact his office at (916) 318-4900 to schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced lawyer. For your convenience, flexible payment plan options can be arranged in most cases.