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Sacramento Car Accident Attorney

Your life can change drastically after you have been injured in a car accident. You may face a long and painful recovery with extended hospital stays or recurring visits to a physical therapist. You might worry about the costs of mounting medical bills, lost wages and your ability to earn an income in the future. If you have sustained a serious injury in a car accident through the negligence of another, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses.

Obtaining Fair Settlements for Car Accident Victims

If you have been injured in an accident, the Law Office of John B. Renwick can provide the representation you need to obtain justice through a full and satisfactory compensation award. As soon as your accident is reported, the insurance company will begin working to minimize the amount it will be required to pay as compensation for your injuries. Unfortunately this means that the company might try to settle with you for less than a fair amount of compensation. Attorney Renwick will bring his decades of experience to the protection of your legal right to full and fair compensation. Such compensation includes your medical expense and income loss, past and future, as well as the value of your pain and suffering. Should any of your injuries become permanent, an additional amount of compensation will be added. In some cases obtaining full compensation requires the use of experts. Mr. Renwick has decades of experience in working with forensic experts, including accident reconstruction and medical experts, as well as accountants and economists.

Through his work as a pro tem settlement conference judge he has gained knowledge of the inner workings of insurance claims. He understands how insurance companies evaluate claims and the techniques they use to pay the least amount of compensation possible. He is aggressive when facing insurance companies at the negotiating table and does not give in to negotiation manipulation. If necessary he stands ready and willing to take your case to court and prove up the full extent of your claim before a jury.

If you have been injured in any of the following types of automobile accidents, contact the Law Office of John B. Renwick to learn more about the ways in which competent and experienced representation can help you obtain fair and just compensation:

  • Car accident involving two or more vehicles
  • Car accident in which the passenger is injured by the negligence of the driver
  • Car vs. bicycle accident
  • Car vs. truck accident
  • Car vs. pedestrian accident
  • Car vs. motorcycle accident

Attorney John B. Renwick can also help those who have lost a loved one in wrongful death caused by an automobile accident.

Sacramento Car Accident Lawyer

Located in downtown Sacramento, the Law Office of John B. Renwick represents clients in communities throughout Northern California.

Contact his office at (916) 318-4900 to schedule a free initial consultation. For your convenience, flexible payment plan options can be arranged in most cases.