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Client Testimonials

A professional who takes the time to understand your case.

Mr. Renwick represented my son in his defense of serious charges. We were all very upset about his case. Mr. Renwick always took the time to answer our questions but at the same time respecting my son’s privacy and rights. He is professional and takes time to return messages. I would highly recommend him as attorney.


John Renwick surpasses all expectations.

Attorney Renwick is a very helpful individual who is very enthusiastic about his work and shows much concern for those who are in need of his services. He is highly knowledgeable and gives great advice even to those such as myself who are unaware of the full extent of the circumstances at hand. He responds to calls on a timely manner and has truly surpassed the expectations I had originally had. I trust in his abilities and recommend him to be your attorney or lawyer of choice. You will not be disappointed.


Very reliable lawyer.

I’m a client of his and he did a good job and was easy to get a hold of when I needed him. He’s a very reliable lawyer.


Amazing Attorney

I would recommend John Renwick to anyone looking for a criminal defense attorney. He went beyond what anyone would ever expect of an attorney. He spent time with our family explaining details and answering questions, no matter how many times it took. He always replied to our many emails and many phones calls within a short time. I just can’t say enough good things about him. He has about 30 year’s experience and he knows the law and the system inside and out. I would highly recommend him!


John Renwick will fight hard to get you the best result.

John was the third lawyer we worked with on a series of criminal cases and he was by far the best of them all. We started with the fancy lawyers with fancy webpages and reviews and after wasting a lot of money and time wish we had found John at the beginning. John actually researched everything in our case, gave us an honest appraisal of the best course of action and fought hard. He talks with you as an equal and tells it to you straight, no BS with John. He was amazing to watch in court, didn’t back down and argued clearly with both the judge and DA for what was right. Don’t fall for stories about lawyers with the inside path who “work with the DAs.” All that means is that they compromise on your case to keep their relationship with the DA. John is the only lawyer you want on your side. He is 100% working for you, no compromising. He was always available to us, clearly read and understood everything about the cases, got to know our family and our needs and was able to explain all our legal options. His reviews are all excellent for a reason. He is the lawyer you want.


Professional and personable.

I would highly recommend John Renwick to anyone. He has been very professional yet very personable at the same time. He truly cared about my case and went above and beyond what I had expected from a lawyer. He has been more than willing to answer all of my questions and make me feel comfortable and confident, no matter the time of day or night. Working with John has been great!


Fights hard and wins.

John Renwick helped me win my case when I was being blamed for something I didn’t do. He fought my case tough when I had my back against the wall, and he came out victorious. The D.A dropped my case. I would recommend him again if I had another case.


Name speaks for itself.

Very professional, personal on every aspect. Kept me up to date on everything, not to mention very supportive through my issue. Real genuine guy with no fear of failure. “Knows his stuff.” I would highly recommend Mr. Renwick to anyone. Not the kind of person to “beat around the bush.” Hard to find people like that now days. Two thumbs up.


In 10 years of dealing with criminal defense lawyers- the best I have seen.

I came into contact with Mr. Renwick about 2 years ago while fighting a lengthy sentence and he went above and beyond my expectations. Any time I needed him he was there. Any questions he would answer thoroughly and enthusiastically. Most of the attorneys I dealt with in the past were hard to reach and get the answers which were very important to me. I would highly recommend Mr. Renwick. I am also planning on continuing to use him as a family lawyer and business attorney for years to come.


Johnny on the Spot!

From the very first time I contacted Attorney John Renwick he has been responsive to our needs. We retained John for his services to assist my husband with his case. Every phone call, every email and every question was addressed in a timely and professional manner. John has shown us that he is genuinely concerned about the outcome of the case and has offered his support above and beyond what he was retained to do. John’s experience as a criminal defense attorney has been a blessing to our family. We highly recommend him to anyone in need, you will not be disappointed!

Dee Dee

One of the best.

I am very grateful for having a lawyer like Mr. Renwick defending me. He fought for me as best as he could, he kept me informed and kept in contact me. With Mr. Renwick as my lawyer I felt very confident with my case, he made me feel very at ease and kept me up to date with everything. I would recommend him to everyone, and most of all he believed in me. Thanks for everything!


Thank you, John Renwick.

One of the best attorneys in Sacramento, California. John Renwick absolutely awesome honesty is best policy and Mr. John Renwick absolutely nailed it. I recommend him to all my friends and family. John is the best.

Alan c.

Mr. Renwick is an exceptional attorney.

During the darkest days of my life, Mr. Renwick has been the only shining light.
He has become like a best friend who always makes himself available when I need his advice. I am certain he will represent my case to my complete satisfaction, using his many years of experience and knowledge of ongoing changes of legalities.
I could not be more thankful that I chose Mr. Renwick to represent me.


Mr. Renwick cared about doing his best for me.

This was my first time I had ever had to fight a criminal case. Mr. Renwick is a great lawyer. The entire time I was incarcerated he kept me updated on everything that was going on in my case. He was very straightforward and took my case extremely seriously.  I never once felt like I was “just another case”.  He answered all my questions and explained everything to me very thoroughly. Throughout the trial I felt that Mr. Renwick cared about doing his best for me. He filed all the necessary motions that I needed and argued exceptionally well during the trial.  When the district attorney or the judge said something that he thought was incorrect or inappropriate he didn’t hesitate to fight back on my behalf. He just doesn’t give up. He was always very easy to talk to and very thoughtful in listening to everything I had to say. I won’t hesitate to hire him again in the future.


His experience in criminal law made all the difference.

John Renwick worked on a case for my son. He was the third lawyer who represented me, after two attorneys who only wanted continuances and were in no hurry to get a date for trial.

John is professional, extremely knowledgeable, educated, intelligent, a great communicator, and an exceptional listener. His experience in criminal law made all the difference.

John kept my son informed of what was going on during the discovery and preliminary processes. He explained what to expect and made sure my son understood his options. He listened when my son told him the situation from his perspective and they worked as a team to address all the issues. He was sensitive to my son’s concerns and made sure the case was expedited, as my son requested. At the trial, John presented in a step by step, comprehensive and easy to follow manner, the defense. My son was facing multiple felonies; because of Mr. Renwick’s effort my son was exonerated on all charges.

If you are looking for someone that will go the extra mile, takes time to understand your circumstances and gets every detail into the record, hire John Renwick.


Help when I needed it!

Can’t thank Mr. Renwick enough.

When we were in all doubts for my uncle, Mr. Renwick was probably the only hope for us and without him I don’t think we’d be in this position today. Thank you John Renwick. God bless you.